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Piston rings are divided by structure
A. The overall structure of the piston ring: through the process of casting or integral molding.
B. Combination ring: A piston ring composed of two or more parts assembled in a ring groove.
C. Slotted oil ring: An oil ring with parallel sides, two contact land, and an oil return hole.
D. Slotted spiral spring oil ring: The oil ring of the spiral spring is added to the slotted oil ring. The support spring can increase the radial specific pressure, and its force on the inner surface of the ring is equal. Commonly found in diesel engine rings.
E. Steel belt combined oil ring: an oil ring composed of a liner ring and two scraper rings. The design of the liner ring varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and is commonly found in gasoline engine rings. Anqing piston ring cross-sectional shape The shape of the piston ring includes barrel face ring, tapered face ring, inner chamfered twisted ring, wedge ring and trapezoidal ring, nose ring, outer shoulder twisted ring, inner chamfered twisted ring, steel belt combined oil Ring, non-directional chamfered oil ring, same direction chamfered oil ring, cast iron spiral spring oil ring, steel oil ring, etc.
Piston rings are divided by material
Divided into cast iron and steel.
Divided according to surface treatment material:
Nitrided ring of piston ring: The hardness of the nitrided layer is above 950HV, the brittleness is grade 1, and it has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
The chromium-plated ring of the piston ring: the chromium-plated layer is fine, compact and smooth, with a hardness of more than 850HV, and has very good wear resistance. The crisscross micro-crack network is good for storing lubricating oil.
Phosphating ring of piston ring: Through chemical treatment, a layer of phosphating film is formed on the surface of piston ring, which not only prevents the product from rust, but also improves the initial running-in of the ring.
Piston epoxide ring: Under the conditions of high temperature and strong oxidant, an oxide film is formed on the surface of steel material, which has corrosion resistance, anti-friction lubrication and good appearance. There are PVD and so on.
Piston rings are divided by function:
Piston rings include gas ring and oil ring.
The function of the gas ring is to ensure the seal between the piston and the cylinder. Prevent the high-temperature and high-pressure gas in the cylinder from leaking into the crankcase, and at the same time conduct most of the heat from the top of the piston to the cylinder wall, and then take it away by cooling water or air.